Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catholic Church & CIA stole 14,000 from Cuba in Operation Peter Pan

One of the biggest Catholic Church cover-ups in Latin America to-date has just been exposed by the Protect Your Children Foundation today - unmasking the truth about the orchestration of a scheme led by Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh in Florida to remove 14,000 children from their parents in Cuba between 1960-1962 in an operation now referred to as Operation Peter Pan.

Monsignor Walsh worked with the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Miami, Coleman Carroll,an interestingly enough, happens to be an Irish monsignor who would have been well aware of the schemes implemented by his Irish colleagues - Christian Brothers, Sister of Mercy, Sisters of Charity and the entire 18 religious orders who at the same time were implementing nationwide spread of abuse in mental institutions, orphanages, residential schools and other catholic run institutions that profitted from stealing children and calling them "orphans" when they were not.

María de los Ángeles Torres, an associate professor of Political Sciences at the DePaul University in Chicago, was a Peter Pan child. Although she is not a revolutionary, she called for the CIA to declassify around 1,500 documents about Operation Peter Pan.


Mari Torres, herself a “peter pan”, she spent countless hours reviewing declassified government documents at the national archives and interviewing former CIA collaborators in Cuba. Torres found that the CIA tapped into an underground network of Anti-Castro activists and asked them to distribute a document to middle class families throughout Cuba. It appeared to be a copy of a law proposed by Castro that would allow the Cuban government to take children from their parents. The document was a fake. No such law has been proposed.

“Many of the underground fighters, admitted that they distributed it the proposed law. They did it as away to create “panic” Torres said. They made parents believed that it was best for the child to put them on these planes and taken to safety, as they were promised to be reunited with them shortly. That never happened.

Álvaro F. Fernández, the son of Fernández Varela, declared to the digital magazine Progreso Semanal that “…a few years before he died in Miami, my father brought us together in front of my mother, my sister María, her husband and myself, and told us that he had been one of the persons responsible for the drafting of the false Law that gave rise to the hysteria that surrounded the ‘elimination of the patria potestas’.

14,000 children were taken to the US and forced into orphanages or foster homes as coordinated by the Catholic Charities - the same Vatican organization of priest and nuns responsible for the thousands of Irish stolen children brought to the US to be sold into adoption.