Thursday, October 20, 2011

300,000 Kidnapped by the Catholic Church in Spain: Nuns claimed babies died, then sold in adoption

The media is highlight the fact that during the Franco-era, children were easily stolen, but what needs to be made clear here is that it was the Catholic Church that would steal these children in catholic hospitals where parents were told babies were stillborn, when in fact, the babies were being sold into adoption by the priests, nuns and doctors. The government not only facilitated this organized crime scheme which affected over 300,000 children, but was covered up and facilitated by the state.

Now the entire world is seeing how the Vatican - the Great Whore - fornicates with presidents of the world and has them drunk with her drunk that that they have covered up her evil - for money and power.

The Protect Your Children Foundation in collaboration with VaticanCrimes invites you to take a look at this and other organized crime schemes run by the corrupt Catholic Church worldwide: