Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hunger Strike Against Clergy Abuse In Italy has begun Oct. 31, 2011

Victims encourage people worldwide to sign the online petition to revoke the privileges of the Vatican as a EU sovereign state 

SAVONA, ITALY – ( – Nov.6, 2011 – On October 31, clergy abuse victims Francesco Zanardia and Alberto Sala, have declared a hunger strike against abuse by pedophile priests after an unsuccessful 500 km pilgrimages to Rome, where the Vatican denied a meeting to discuss proper guidelines of addressing pedophilia.

As the Vatican continues to be uninterested in addressing this global issue, then the victims now turn their attention to the European Union, where they have declared a hunger strike, requesting a meeting with the EU President Jose Barroso, demanding that the rights as sovereign nation of the Vatican be removed.

If you stand against clergy abuse and support this cause, you can take part in signing this petition that will be presented to the European Union. You can submit it online by accessing:

You can also find out more info, by visiting

The Vatican Crimes Exposed organization will be interviewing Francesco live on air via Radio NetGracia daily in Spanish and Italian at 11 am ET thru: