Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Dismisses Coach Paterno for Sexual Abuse, while Vatican's Sex Crimes remain unpunished

Congratulations to Penn State University for its immediate action against sexual abuse of minors which occurred in their facility.

The prestigious Pennsylvania State University, better known as Penn State University, finds itself in a sexual abuse of minors scandal, something that the Catholic Clergy goes through on a daily basis. However, Penn State, unlike the Vatican, acted immediately when it found out yesterday about the crime and immediately dismissed those who hid the crime and those who did not report them to the authorities.

 Amongst those dismissed is the legendary coach in football, Joe Paterno. The criminal who committed the sexual abuse is Jerry Sandusky, Joe Patterno’s ex-assistant; he was denounced by a 15 year old youngster. The victim alleges that Sandusky sexually abused him when he was only 10 years old and the abuse took place in the showers of Penn State’s locker room facilities.

In recent days, another of Joe Patterno’s assistants testified that he entered the locker room and found Sandusky molesting the pre-teen, this assistant reported what he saw to Patterno who later informed 2 of the University’s administrators, whom reported the crime to the University’s President, who did nothing about the report.

 None of those who knew about the abuse reported the crime to the authorities and everything continued as if nothing happened, allowing Sandusky to eventually retire from the University. But everything has recently come to light and the pedophile trainer has reaped what he sowed; not only is he incarcerated but he has been charged with 8 other counts of pedophilia, since his young victims have come forward and accused him of sexual abuse.

Sandusky was a teacher in a school for needy children; making it very easy for him to continue preying on the young as a pedophile. Sandusky closely reminds me of the history of the so-called “Catholic Church”. Therefore, we congratulate Penn State University since its board of directors has decided to dismiss the university’s president-who hid the sexual abuse against minors- and all those who participated in the crime. The board of directors will be closely cooperating with authorities, not only in this case but also to bring forth to the public any other sexual crime that was committed in their facility or by any of their faculty staff.

It is of no importance that the legendary coach Joe Patterno spent 61 years of his life as a great football coach. If he failed to report the sexual abuse to the corresponding authorities by mistake, or he didn’t for other reasons, either way he is responsible for what occurred and for this he was dismissed.

Today, pedophile Jerry Sandusky is out on bail after paying $100,000 bond, but the upcoming court case will involve Penn State who may have to pay out millions to the affected victims. Ultimately the Man Christ Jesus is on Earth and He is bringing to light the crimes committed by Catholic Priests, who sexually abuse children. As you read this article a child is being abused by a priest and the Vatican does nothing about it...

Once again, we congratulate Penn State University for being courageous and dismissing those implied in the crime and for collaborating with authorities, so that those responsible are incarcerated, those who wrecked the lives of those who were only children when they were sexually abused.