Thursday, December 13, 2012

Montreal: Over 30 Catholic Priests Abused Deaf Children in their Care ; 60 victims sue

The truth is coming to light about the evil and criminal catholic church.

Recently it had been reported that priests and nuns were abusing deaf children at the St. Rita Residential School for Deaf children in Cincinnati, it is a different nation speaking out against clergy abuse, this time in Canada....Montreal, Quebec in fact.

This case deals with the sexual abuse of young boys, already vulnerable because of their age but doubly or triply so because they were also deaf and mute. Their abusers were the  criminal priests and nuns who use their false appearance of mercy to deceive the masses, and claimed to set these deaf boys free from their silent world.

Clerical and lay members of the much-admired Roman Catholic teaching order, the Clercs de Saint-Viateur, did not set the boys free. These abused boys who say they were abused ended up in a place of torture, terrified of telling anyone what was happening to them. They remained trapped in that torture well into adulthood, unable to erase the grotesque images in their heads of masturbating catholic priests and anal rape.

This case may turn out to be the worst ever seen involving the abuse of deaf children. Unlike the previous record, held by a single Roman Catholic priest, Lawrence Murphy of Wisconsin, in Quebec more than 30 clergy have abused the deaf children in their care, sometimes one after another. (Murphy, who may have sexually assaulted as many as 200 children at a school for the deaf in Wisconsin, was denounced in 1996 to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican took no action against Murphy, who died in 1998.)

According to the Montreal Gazette, these victims of the Clercs de Saint-Viateur were given permission by a Quebec Superior Court in March to pursue a class-action suit against this catholic religious order. Named in the suit are 28 priests and brothers and six lay workers. More than 60 former students have signed on to the suit, all alleging sexual abuse. They are seeking $100,000 each in damages.

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