Monday, February 11, 2013

Lightning strikes Vatican same day as Pope Benedict XVI resigns - Feb. 11, 2013

VATICAN CITY -  Moments after the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI today, February 11 2013, lightning hits St. Peter Basilica.

The image captured by a photojournalist from the Spanish news agency EFE, shows the moment in which the Flash touches the tip of the basilica.

This has taken place following the epic announcement that Joseph Ratzinger - Pope Benedict XVI - will resign, and has become the seventh Pope in the history of the Catholic Church to voluntarily leave his post as Supreme Pontiff and the first to do so in the last 600 years. This of course, does not come as a surprise after the avalanche of  evidence surfacing proving that he has helped to cover up crimes worldwide. In 2001, he sent out a letter worldwide with a footnote entitled CRIMENS SOLLICITIATIONIS, a top secret document indicating how catholic church officials were to help conceal pedophile priests. He is being unmasked for what he is (Be sure to watch the historic speech revealing the truth about JOSEPH RATZINGER made outside the White House, Washington D.C.)

It will not be until February 28 when Benedict leaves his position as the head of the most criminal organization in existence - the Catholic Church - then, a conclave of 120 Cardinals will elect the successor.

Watch the video: