Sunday, February 10, 2013

USA: Victim of abusive Nuns in New York "Catholic Magdalene Laundries" Breaks Silence

The cat is out.

The world is discovering that the Vatican - the Catholic Church- is the most criminal organization in existence. The world had been hearing about all the sexual abuse committed by priests worldwide and now all the crime schemes put in place by the catholic nuns is also being exposed around the globe.

This week, the Government of Ireland admitted to the abuse and torture that over 10,000 women endured at the hands of Catholic Nuns in the Catholic institutions known as the Magdalene Laundries. The details of this systematic abuse and exploitation of labor against innocent Irish women has been detailed in the MACALEESE REPORT published by Senator MacAleese on February 5. 2013.

This has now prompted other women around the world to speak out.

USA is no exception to the crimes committed by the Catholic religious orders.  The Magdalene Laundries also existed in the United States.

The first victim in the United States has just broke her silence. DIANA O'HARA details a horrendous account of the inhumane living conditions, and abuse she was forced to live through by the Catholic nuns in the Magdalene Laundries established in America. The Washington Times has just published this alarming and descriptive account of this abuse that Diana endured in this nun-run institution located in Buffalo, New York.  It was run by the Good Shepherd sisters to be exact; one of the four catholic orders already being charged with the enslavement and abuse of thousands of woman in the Magdalene Laundries.

Diana describes to the Washington Times how her childhood slipped away while she was trapped by walls of stone and hearts of barbed wire and how the Good Sheppherd nuns forced women to work long hours six days a week without pay...

We highly encourage you to read the EXCLUSIVE WASHINGTON TIMES ARTICLE: