Monday, March 11, 2013

"Mother" Teresa of Calcutta: Everything but a Saint

Recently, three researchers from the University of Montreal, Serge Larivee, Carole Sénéchal and Chenard-Geneviève, have lashed back against the character known as Mother Theresa in an article published in the journal Studies in Religion / Sciences religieuses, which states that the alleged sanctity of Mother Teresa is just a media construction that outside of this area, the media, reveals unsustainable.

"Her way of curing disease, dubious political connections, her curious managing astronomical sums received and especially the excessive dogmatism on abortion, contraception and divorce," write the researchers, noting the areas of the life and work of women that could pass through the filter of the review and reflection before accepting without objection unlimited goodness.

Moreover, a documentary by British intellectual Christopher Hitchens exposes the dark side of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, also a political being used by the elite to maintain world order that generates poverty and disease she attenuated.
Hitchens said: while Mother Teresa received an award from President Reagan, US then killed four nuns and the Catholic Archbishop of San Salvador. You could see that the silence of Mother Teresa on such political issues is a way to accept the regime and its atrocities, in this sense, at least, not entirely consistent.

As is the case for approval of the military dictatorship in Haiti or its controversial approval of the policy of his country, Albania.

Also, her relationship with Charles Keating, fundamentalist millionaire, who donated generously to the cause of Mother Teresa and even gave to her, his private jet. Keating was convicted of fraud.

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