Friday, March 15, 2013

New York Times: Pope Francis "Homophobic, Sexist, Covering up Crimes"

The new pontiff, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now pope Francis, is a conservative theologic that energetically supports the positions of the Vatican against abortion, gay matrimony and women being ordained, and was a collaborator in the Videla dictatorship, according to an editorial published yesterday in The New York TImes.

'Dirty War'
Going up against the Argentinian Leftists, according to the article, he seemed less energetic in his opposition to the military dictatorship of Videla during the 1970s decade, when the country went into a crisis over a conflict with the rightist and leftist groups, known as the 'Dirty War.' He has been accused of knowing about military abuse and not doing enough to stop it, with it, more than 30,000 people disappeared, were tortured or killed. He was in charge of supervising activities of the jesuit order in Argentina, from 1973 to 1979, and his role in the dirty war has been the subject of controversy, according the the article.

In 2005, shortly before the conclave which elevated Joseph Ratzinger as Pope, cardinal Bergoglio was formally sued by an Argentinian lawyer for being an accomplice to the kidnapping of two jesuit priests who openly stated their stance against the dictatorship, which he had expelled from the order one week prior to their disappearance. Although the lawsuit was dismissed, the debate has continued, with the publication of articles in argentinian newspapers and books that seem to contradict Bergoglio's version, as well as with the publication of documents from the time of the events and statements from priests and seculars that faced the cardinal.

Bergolglio, who has always denied any implication to the dictatorship, testified in 2010 that he had met with Videla and Massera, in secrecy, to request the liberation of the priests. The following year, the prosecutor called him to testify about the systematic kidnapping of children by the argentinian military board, a matter for which he has also been accused of knowing but doing nothing to stop.

Furthermore, Bergoglio who was the maximum authority of the Argentinian Episcopal Conference while the church in Argentina faced the scandal of reverend Christian von Wernich, an ex chaplain of the Buenos Aires police department, that was acused, in 2005, of collaborating in interrogations, tortures and the murder of prisoners during the dictatorship. The authorities of the church took father von Wernich out of the country and sent him to a parish in Chile, under a false name, but was detained and extradited back to Argentina to be tried. In 2007 he was found guilty of 7 counts of complicity in murder, more that 40 counts of kidnapping and more than 30 counts of torture, and was sentenced to life in prison. According to The New York Times, father von Wernich was permitted to continue celebrating mass in jail, and cardinal Bergoglio never issued a format apology on behalf of the church, nor did he comment directly about the case.

Matrimony and adoption among homosexuals
The editorial emphasizes on the clashes that cardinal Bergoglio had with the argentinian government in recent years, especially against former president Néstor Kirchner and his successor and widow, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, concerning topics like gay matrimony, abortion and the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

In 2010, the now pontiff of the catholic church described the law to legalize the matrimony and adoption by same-sex couples as a "war against God' and "a maneuver from the devil." A position that Kirchner considered being "medieval."