Friday, March 15, 2013

The truth about Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis): A Misogynist

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - Yes it is true. These are the very words of the ex-Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio. He openly stated that women are unfit for political office and merely serves as "the helper" to man.

As reported by Argentina's News Agency Telam, in an article published on June 4, 2007 Jorge Bergoglio said "Women are naturally unfit for political office. Both the natural order and facts show us that the political being par excellence is the male; the Scripture shows us that the woman has always been the helper of a man who thinks and does, but nothing more than that."

What much more can today's 1.2 billion Catholics expect from the leader of this global organization responsible for more than 9.9 million crimes worldwide? See evidence at: