Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vatican Exorcist Fr. Amorth warns Pope Francis of a quick death


The Roman exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth said that Pope Francis wants a "poor church of the poor", just like John Paul I wanted. "I would not wish that it ends as Luciani". John Paul I (born Albino Luciani) died after only 33 days in the papacy.

ROME ( -- Father Gabriele Amorth, chief "exorcist" of the Diocese of Rome, has warned the new pope Francis before a quick death according to the fate of Pope John Paul I. 

It has been said that John Paul I was killed by Vatican insiders.

"The Masons have their branches everywhere, even in the Vatican, unfortunately," Amorth said in an interview with the Italian newspaper "Il Giornale", as reported by the "Austria" online newspaper.

This article has been translated from original German source - Catholic news agency

About The Freemason-Vatican Connection

The Freemason-Catholic connection is the Jesuits. The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) is another one of the many Catholic religious orders. One of the many Catholic tentacles. 

The Jesuits were founded by military knights who were either Templars or served with them in battle in the crusades. The Jesuits are Templars in priestly robes.

The Holy Roman Empire ruled for centuries. The knights ran the empire for the pope. In France, the knights earned a bad name and were placed on trial. The same would later happen to the Jesuits. The Holy Roman Empire became unworkable thus it seems the knights devised a plan to continue ruling as a secular society with no 'visible' ties to the Vatican. The Freemasons were born in 1717 and began replacing monarchies with secular republics. However, by chain of command the military order of knights running Freemasonry in Washington and London answer to the Jesuit General (the "Black Pope") who has ruled the Vatican for 200 years.
The current Jesuit General is Adolfo Nicolas and it is who Jesuit Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) answers to.

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