Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Catholic Nun Escapes Convent, Describes How Priests Sexually Abuse Nuns

We invite our dear reader to listen to the full testimony of Catholic Nun Charlotte who escaped a convent and lived to be able to tell the gruesome horrors she lived behind convent doors, however she mysteriously disappeared after disclosing these details. For your convenience, we have taken an excerpt from the transcript to highlight how she describes being sexually assaulted by a priest in the convent with the full knowledge and consent of the Head Nun, the Mother Superior:

Sister Charlotte's Story

"....Alright, now as I walk into this room and all of this is transpiring, now, bless your hearts, I don't know what's going to be in the next room after this has transpired and I have taken the vows that I will always remain a virgin, I'll never legally marry in this world because I'm the spouse of Christ.  And then, after this, the mother superior leads me out into another room or, rather, she opens the door and I'm to be sent into that room. And when I walk out in that room I see something I have never seen before. I see a Roman Catholic priest dressed in a holy habit. And he walks over to me and he locks his arm in my arm which he has never done in the first part of my convent life. I never had a priest to insult me in any way. I never had one of them to be even unkind to me in the first part of my convent experience. But here he is now, and of course I didn't understand what it was all about and I didn't know what in the world the man really expected of me. And, you know, I pulled from him because I felt highly insulted. And I pulled from him and I said, "Shame on ya!" And I made him very angry for a minute and he said, uh, immediately the mother superior must have heard my voice because she came out immediately and she said, "Oh," (and they called me by my church name) she said, "After you've been in the convent a little while you won't feel this way. The rest of us felt the same way you do and you know the priest's body is sanctified, and therefore it is not a sin for us to give the priests our bodies."

In other words, they teach every little nun this: [this portion deleted because it is too grievous...Charlotte was told that it was not a sin for the nuns to bear the priest's children] And let me tell you, that's what they come to the convent for. For no other purpose in all of this world do priests come into the convent but to rob those precious little girls of their virtue. And I'll assure you, we'll be telling you a little later in the testimony what they really do after they come in under those particular deals. But may I say now every bridge has been burned out from under me. There's no way back. I can't get out of the convent even though I've pled. Oh, how I pled with that priest! 

"Send for my father, I want to go home! I don't want to go any farther." And let me tell you, that's when you stand alone. You don't know who to turn to and you're a victim of circumstances and you'll live in the convent because there is no other way to get out of the convent. And I'll assure you, I stayed in the convent until God made a way for me to come out.

And so, after all of this, my mail was stopped. I'll never receive another bit of mail from my family. Never another letter. I belong to the pope. I belong to Rome. And then, after all of this, the mother superior after taking these particular vows and the priest has invited me to go to the bridal chamber. You say, "Did you go?" No. Definitely not. I didn't enter the convent to be a bad woman. It would have been much easier to have stayed out of the convent to be a bad woman.

You wouldn't go into the convent and live in the poverty we live in and to suffer as we suffered to be a bad woman. No girl would do that and it would have been much easier to stay out of the convent if I wanted to be a bad woman, but I went there to give my life and heart to God and that was the only purpose I had in going there. And here this priest is, and of course I didn't go to the bridal chamber with him. I had a strong body then. One of us would have been wounded because I would have fought until the last drop of blood. And you know it made them very, very angry I'll assure you because I didn't go to the bridal chamber with him..."