Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catholic Nuns confined and tortured women in convents based in Ireland, Canada and USA: "Magdalene Laundries"

Hard labor, enforced silence, and imprisonment - that was the sentence for more than 10,000 young Irish women sent off to the Catholic church-run "Magdalene Laundries" between the late 1800's and 1996, a dark chapter in Irish history that Steve Kroft reported on for 60 Minutes in January 1999.

Yet the criminal catholic nuns that did this still walk free.

The criminal Catholic church managed to implement these institutions in Ireland, Canada, and USA and women are finally getting the courage to speak out. Foundations such as are speaking out against these atrocities since the nuns have been torturing and abusing women yet benefit of an immunity worldwide since they falsely claim to represent God.

"The women had been virtual prisoners," Kroft reported. "Confined behind convent walls for perceived sins of the flesh, condemned to a life of servitude." Today there was a significant development in the case when the Irish government issued a report acknowledging, for the first time, that the state was directly involved in the laundries, having sent as many as one quarter of the women to these institutions - most of them in their twenties, but at least one as young as age 9.

This of course does not come as a surprise since it is written that the kings of the Earth (today's presidents) fornicate with the Great Harlot (the Vatican), and she has them drunk with her wine -- so much so that they cover up her crimes for money and power.

But no more. The time has come to speak out against torture. abuse and crimes. Enough is enough! Criminals belong behind bars. And already the Catholic Church organization has proven to be responsible of more than 10 million crimes around the world (See:

"The chronicle of the Magdalene Laundries was for many years characterised primarily by secrecy, silence and shame," the report says. "The psychological impact on these girls was undoubtedly traumatic and lasting." As one of these women told Kroft back in 1999, "It's made me feel a horrible, dirty person all my life."

The good news is that the just retribution against this criminal organization known as the Vatican (aka The Catholic Church) is right around the corner. It is written it will go in flames any day now. It will be destroyed forever. (2 Thes 2:8)