Thursday, May 16, 2013

Testimony of a Nun, "Sister Charlotte", disclosing torture suffered in Nun Convents

For twenty-two years, "Sister Charlotte" (she never revealed her true name in public) was a member of a Roman Catholic convent of nuns. From a very young age, she was deceived by the Vatican to think this would be the best way to "redeem her family from the torments of purgatory". She graphically describes many of the terrible tortures and suffering she endured in the dungeons of her convent and how God mercifully rescued her from this life. She discloses how catholic nuns and priests are blinding people, she discloses how they deceive.

They made her sign papers and sign away any bit of inheritance she had over to the Roman Catholic Church. She discloses how the Vatican is enticing young women whose mothers and fathers have money so that they can inherit it. Furthermore, she details how they live as 'hermits' in the Nun convents, forbidden to see her mother and father again...she only speaks when they tell her to.

Two years after publicly  revealing her experiences, she disappeared. Listener discretion advised.