Friday, September 6, 2013

Dominican Republic: Priest Juan Manuel De Jesus, "Father Johnny", accused of sex abuse

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The priest Juan Manuel de Jesús Mota known as "Father Johnny", a native of the town of Cotui, was reported to the Public Ministry of Constance by two young men from the town who were sexually abused by this man when they were underage.

The women requested prosecutors to carry out a thorough investigation of the acts of the religious man, who forced the children to perform orgies and other unspeakable acts. For 12 years, the religious man was assigned to the main parish in St. Peter's Cathedral, where he currently serves as pastor.

The indictment was filed before the Prosecutor Fernando Quezada and in its first phase the case was sent to the Attorney of the women, Roxanna Reyes, in order for the victims to have guarantees of the judicial investigation. According to the complainants "Father Johnny" would take advantage of his authority and of his office to the detriment of the children for more than ten years, a clear violation of his duty.

The natural order established by God says it is not good for man to be alone; it is better to marry, unless you have the gift of continence. It is obvious that the Catholic priests do not have that gift and when left alone they become child molesters. Catholicism is a doctrine that destroys families thus it does come from God.