Monday, November 4, 2013

Pope Francis: An Impostor Who Does Not Listen to the God He Claims to Represent

VATICAN CITY (ROME, ITALY) - Jorge Bergoglio (known as Pope Francis amongst Catholics) is driving a global survey of divorce and gay marriage. He has issued this survey to the parishes of the Catholic Church around the world, asking for the positions of bishops, priests, religious and faithful regarding contraception, divorce, gay marriage and the adoption of children by homosexual couples. 
Said questionnaire shows a higher sensitivity of the "Holy See" in topics that were previously seen as taboo. However, in the traditionally more uncomfortable issues for the Catholic Church it does not ask about the parishes for their perception of this phenomenon, but ather "how to behave in the face of the transmission of the faith". The dissemination of the survey is linked to the call for of a Council of the Catholic Church next year on family matters and so-called "Christian" education. Here is a good and clear example of the great farce that Catholicism is. The Pope is supposed to be the so-called "representative" of Christ on Earth. It is assumed that decisions on what they call the Church must come from God and his Word; but instead the Catholic leader "Pope Francis" is making a survey of opinion, as if he were inquiring about the popularity of a consumer product. 
This is why the Man Christ Jesus, Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus has appealed to the Bible, tracing it correctly, thus having it as a rule of thumb - a foundation- which does not allow him to get out of the context of the divine thought, preventing him from falling into human concepts. At any moment now, the Catholic Church - The Vatican - will be destroyed in a single day -- it will be burned down by fire forever as the prophesies foretell and prior to that it will be left completely NAKED - EXPOSED before the world, and that is exactly the days we are living: the time to denounce, the time whereby the nations are learning of all the crimes that this evil organization has done since its inception, being the mother of all abominations on Earth. Count on it. We are about to see it.