Friday, January 17, 2014

Catholic Nun "didn't know" she was pregnant, gives birth to baby boy and names him "Francis"

A Salvadoran nun, 32 years old, who said she was unaware she was pregnant, gave birth last Tuesday at a hospital in the Italian city of Rieti, where she was transferred to by ambulance since she was suffering from "severe pain in the belly", sources told the Italian media.

"I didn't know I was pregnant, I just had a bad stomach ache," said the catholic nun, according to local media gathered citing sources at the hospital where she gave birth today.
The delivery took place last Tuesday when emergency services received notice of the nuns of the convent of Disciples of Jesus who are in charge of a nursing home, they decided to call the emergency number frightened by the "severe pain in the belly" that the nun claimed.
That's when the nun was transferred by ambulance to the hospital of St. Camillus de Lellis, Rieti, where she gave birth to a boy of three and a half kilos.
When health services came to the convent of other religious Rieti said they were convinced that it was a "stomach pain" and claimed to be unaware of being pregnant.
"But how is that possible? We could not imagine something like this," assured the Italian religious convent.
According to local media, the nun, who is recovering from childbirth, is already receiving clothes and gifts for the baby.
Meanwhile, Sister Herminia, the Mother Superior of the Disciples of Jesus of Rieti, said Salvadoran nun "has done this all alone" and noted that the other nuns in the convent had not noticed anything.

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