Friday, February 14, 2014

Archbishop in St. Louis concerned how parishioners will react when they find out a pedophile priest was recycled through their parish [Missouri Alert!]

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (USA) — Archbishop Robert Carlson has been quoted as saying that the reason he refused to release information on priests charged with the sexual abuse of children is to protect the victims. Yes, he really said that! Aside from the fact the names of the accused priests will be under court seal, it has to be apparent to all but the most ardent Catholic apologist that Carlson is mostly concerned with the potential damage to the Catholic church if the names of the priests do come out.
In a 1989 letter to Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago, the vicar for priests worried about parishioners discovering the record of one particularly egregious case where a priest was moved four times because of abuse allegations. The priest's name was eventually leaked to a parishioner and an outraged parish forced the removal of the pedophile priest.
A comment by the Chicago archdiocese attorney says it all: "The documents will be upsetting. The information is painful; it's difficult to read." St. Louis Archbishop Carlson is clearly concerned how his flock will react if or when they find out one of the pedophile priests was recycled through their parish. He has reason to be concerned.
One has to ask why it is the archbishop has suddenly become concerned with protecting the victims. It's too bad the archdiocesan hierarchy wasn't thinking about the welfare of the victims when they kept silent about the sexual abuse of children and kept transferring the abusing priests from one parish to another.